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If you been diagnosed with cancer, take a breath and assess you situation!   You still havea lot of living left to do! 
Rico Dence Founder of Up Cancer
"The fear of being diagnosed with cancer is nothing compared to the struggles you will go through being diagnosed with an advance stage of cancer.  An early diagnosis could save your life" 
Rico Dence Founder of Up Cancer

Stage of Cancer Diagnosis

Written By Rico Dence Founder and CEO of Up Cancer
It is important that people with cancer are diagnosed early.  The survival rate of cancer is better when cancer has been detected earlier.   
An earlier cancer diagnoses is easier to treat, and majority of the time means you receive less treatment. Most importantly your odds of living longer dramatically increase. 
Medical news states that:  The National Cancer Institute estimate that doctors will diagnose 1,735,350 new cases across the U.S. in 2018 
Approximately 80,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year.
When should you see the doctor?  
Tip  1:  If you have a medical emergency, call 911..
Tip 2:  2 weeks!  If you have not felt well for 2 weeks or more go, see the doctor.
Tip 3:  If you feel lumps or bumps on your bod,  go seek medical attention right away.
Tip 4:  If your skin looks unusual or not healed after 2 weeks seek medical attention.
Tip 5:  Women get regular physicals, your gynecological visits, colon cancer screenings, mammograms, and blood work.  Guys get your physicals, colon screenings, and blood work. 

Cancer can take many different forms which means that symptoms often vary from person to person. It is important to remember that the only way to diagnose cancer is by being properly screened by a professional; however, those that are at an increased risk for cancer (heavy smokers, alcoholics, obesity, and people that are genetically predisposed, etc.) should watch for these symptoms and get screened accordingly. Many of these symptoms can be related to other diseases, so never assume the worst and always talk to a medical professional.
Possible Tumor or Anomality
Once a doctor finds an abnormality, laboratory tests or diagnostic imaging are to be done. Clinical lab tests can take a couple of days or even weeks to schedule and perform.
A biopsy of solid tumor is performed, or blood sample can take days to get results. A biopsy of a solid tumor such as a breast biopsy is normally performed by a radiologist or surgeon.  This procedure can take days or weeks to schedule.

After the biopsy
After the biopsy, the abnormal tissue goes to the Pathology laboratory for analysis and determine results. It can take 1-3 days, and sometimes pathologist send the biopsy specimen to specialized labs that can take up to weeks to get answers.  For more information visit, The Pathologists Role in Cancer Diagnosis and Care.

Test Results:
A lady told me once that it took her three months before she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and she was seeing gynecologic oncologist. A gynecologic oncologist in who specializes in cancer found reproductive organs in women. Blood test can take 1-3 days.  Biopsy can take weeks.
In my case, I must wait for 2 months before I can see a dermatologist about possible skin cancer.   Waiting can take an emotional toll.

Waiting on test results can create a lot of anxiety.  Many cancer survivors call scanxiety in cancer patients.  Scanxiety is the emotional mental game of waiting for results.  It can be difficult to control your mind when you are imaging the worst case scenario.  Some cancer patients will veg out in fear. 
As you are waiting on results, the best advice is live your life.  Enjoy it.  You can not do anything by worrying and we only live one life.  When you get the results, then plan.  Otherwise have fun and live.  
Cancer Diagnosis
Once a cancer diagnosis is made, you are now a cancer survivor.  The oncologist will evaluate the type of treatment necessary.  It can take a couple of appointment to develop a plan. Some treatments are found in certain parts of the country and getting into these treatment facilities can take days or weeks.

False positives:
Some test can get false positives,  I knew someone who had to get 3 mammograms before they said there was no cancer. 

Reasons Why People Scard and Do Not Seek Medical Treatment.

Fear of Cancer
The key is not to be afraid of being diagnosed.  If you were not feeling good for more than 2 weeks, go to the doctor.  Before you see your doctor take a moment to write down what you are feeling compared to how you felt being sick or feeling a lump. The better you describe how you are feeling, the easier it is for your doctor to treat you.  The more open you are with your doctor about your symptoms. The better your doctor can treat you.  Don’t worry about being

Sometimes people are more embarrassed to talk about your symptoms like bloody stool.  Guess what?  By the time your doctor becomes a doctor they have heard it all.   Being embarrassed and not seeking treatment will only hurt you in the long run.
Hopping you will feel better:  waiting longer than two weeks to be healed of your symptoms can happen.  Sometimes all you need is antibiotic to help you heal.  It is better to find out what is causing your symptoms than waiting.
Sometimes people are afraid to see the doctor for they  never processed their grief.  There are many people who are afraid of walking into a hospital for this was the last place they saw their loved one alive.  Grief is emotionally difficult.  If you have a hard time visiting a doctor because of grief encourage you to look for a free local group to learn how to process loss of a loved one   As the founder Up Cancer  I have attended many grief share groups around the country and learn how to health deal with loss.  
Despite your loss and you been sick for more than 2 weeks go see a doctor. 
Previous experiences with your past doctor: if you had a bad doctor or bad experience there are many good doctors out there.  Look around until you find a doctor your like.

Pain and Fear of Needles
People can be afraid of pain and needles.  If you talk to many cancer survivors, they lose their fears of needles fast.  As in pain, there are many ways doctor can help treat pain.  The earlier you see the doctor and get diagnosed earlier the less pain you will have to receive. 

Early cancer diagnosis will be easier to treat. 

This guide is for educational purposes only. This guide is not to be used as a substitute for medical treatment and is not intended to diagnose any illness or disease.