Team Up Cancer
Terminal Cancer Diagnoses can feel like a desert! You can feel hopeless at first or you want to fight.  I encourage you to fight!  
  1. Terminal Cancer
    You have been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. You're not alone in the emotional rollers coaster. Our first suggestion is to take a 3-day break from life. Do something take time to think.
  2. Hope
    People every day hear from their doctor they have terminal cancer and most of the time they survive days past the doctors time frame. learn tips to living longer
  3. Fitness and Eating
  4. Hospice
    Once you have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, it is important to meet with hospice. Your doctor might disagree with this, but learning about hospice and working one end of life things allows you to free your mind to do the more important things. Click here to learn more
  5. Caregiver
    A terminal cancer diagnosis is a hard time for a caregiver and a much harder time for the patient. There are many challenges during this stage learning to talk about emotions can make it easier during this time and most importantly it is important for you both to enjoy the time you have left.
  6. We Live It!
    Learning to deal with the bad emotions you can learn to live. Job 14:5 says God: "You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer." Now it is up to you how you live the time you have!